Wireless Seismic NEWS — MAY 2016

Atlas Geophysics expands RT System 2 acquisition system — Atlas Geophysics, LLC, based in Newcastle, Texas, recently expanded their RT System 2 to facilitate the acquisition of large-channel-count 3D seismic surveys. “At the close of two full years of operations using RT System 2, we have been able to consistently operate with almost 25% few personnel than were used with the previous system,” states Griffin Phillips, Owner of Atlas Geophysics.

GALLEGO TECHNIC Geophysics purchases RT System 2 — GALLEGO TECHNIC Geophysics, based in Aurignac, France, purchased RT System 2 to use for 2D/3D seismic surveys for geothermal prospecting, oil and mineral resources exploration, and civil construction (tunnels, metro stations, etc.) throughout Western Europe. “We work mainly in urban areas and wanted a wireless system with a highly developed infrastructure to allow us to quickly deploy and pick up the equipment with minimal manpower,” states Pierre Gallego, Director of GALLEGO.

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