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Up to 20,000 Seismic Channels – RealTIME & CableFREE RT2 is a fully scalable, cable-free and real-time seismic acquisition system that is a drop-in replacement for a traditional cabled system. RT2 features expanded bandwidth that supports the deployment of the thousands of channels required by modern 3D surveys and new hardware to significantly reduce power consumption.

Features of rt2

why wireless seismic: the benefits


Having complete command of your spread measurably improves your operational decisions and significantly increases your certainty to acquire quality data.


The Hybrid Radio Telemetry minimizes your crew’s downtime and maximizes their productivity.


The real-time validation of data quality greatly reduces your re-shoot risks and strengthens your confidence in meeting contractual obligations.


Thousands of channels can be deployed to meet the requirements of the largest 3D surveys.


Immediate configurations for conventional 2D and 3D surveys and the passive monitoring of hydraulic fracturing operations.


Shoot large and small jobs without time- and resource-consuming scale-ups and scale-downs.

who we are

We bring to seismic contractors the industry’s ONLY scalable wireless seismic recording systems with real-time seismic data return.

our mission

To enhance the success of our customers’ onshore seismic exploration efforts by providing environmentally, commercially, and technically superior
real-time wireless recording systems.

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