About Wireless Seismic


On A Mission

In 2006, Wireless Seismic was formed by a group of exploration and production innovators with the mission to develop and commercialize the first wireless seismic data acquisition system with the ability to collect data in real-time.  The resulting technology, the RT 1000, was successfully launched in 2010, revolutionizing onshore seismic data acquisition.

In 2012, Wireless Seismic launched RT System 2 (RT2), incorporating next generation technology and many enhanced features. By immediately transmitting the data to a central location, RT2 eliminates the longstanding risks of data loss and reshooting due to unit theft, damage, or malfunction and the issues related to data collection and transcription.

Innovative and Incomparable Technology

Wireless Seismic provides the industry’s only fully scalable wireless seismic recording system with real-time seismic data acquisition. RT2 is easy to use. The operator never has to worry about data visibility a limitation that may be found in other cableless systems. No other nodal system comes close to the performance level of RT2.

Backed With Confidence

Wireless Seismic is backed by Chesapeake Energy Corporation, one of the largest onshore producers and the largest user of seismic data in the United States; Energy Ventures, an independent venture capital firm dedicated to upstream oil and gas investments; and Total Energy Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of the French major oil and gas company, the Total Group.


To revolutionize onshore seismic imaging through the use of cutting edge technology and innovation.

our Mission

To enhance the success of our customers’ onshore seismic exploration efforts by providing environmentally, commercially, and technically superior real-time wireless recording systems.

Our Values & Guiding principles


    We have a personal and uncompromising focus on providing value to our customers.  We strive to be responsive and proactive in support of their needs. We consistently deliver on our commitments.


    We keep each other informed.  By communicating effectively, we empower each individual to work with a sense of purpose and understanding.  We communicate with respect and candor.  We value each other’s point of view.


    We maximize our collective talents through teams and partnerships. We recognize that teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation are fundamental in realizing our vision, and every one of us has a stake in this business.


    We foster an environment of mutual trust.  We treat people the way we would like to be treated, and in a manner that is sensitive, thoughtful, and respectful.  We challenge behavior that contradicts this guiding principle.


…even when no one’s looking.  We lead by example.  We are committed to acting honestly and responsibly in our effort to achieve our goals.  We will not sacrifice ethical behavior in the pursuit of these business objectives.


Wireless Seismic is proud to be recognized for its innovation and its technical advancement of onshore seismic acquisition. Core to our success is having a personal and uncompromising focus on providing value to our customers.


Our team embodies an uncompromising desire to create trusted partnerships with each customer. We strive for communication that is honest, purposeful, and dependable. Much of our technology success is due to the constant dialog and feedback we initiate with clients. We pride ourselves in listening and helping to create solutions that provide value to our customers. Most significantly, we strive to treat our customers and their needs with respect and act responsibly and ethically to ultimately achieve our collective goals.


Our team is at the heart of what we do, and their safety and wellbeing is priority. Cultivating an environment where we maximize our collective talents is essential to a productive and enjoyable work experience. We recognize that teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation are fundamental in realizing our vision, and every one of us has a stake in this business.


Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hollis’ career has focused on introducing and commercializing game-changing exploration technology advancements within the Oil and Gas and Mining industries including innovations in seismic imaging, wireless nodal seismic acquisition, software development and visualization, geospatial intelligence, machine learning enhanced resource exploration and sustainable energy alternatives. Before joining Wireless Seismic, Jim was the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of NEOS GeoSolutions, a Silicon Valley based technology company focused on applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to facilitate exploration workflows and reduce uncertainties. Prior to NEOS, he was President and Chief Operating Officer of ION Geophysical Corporation where he was responsible for the growth and financial execution of all ION business units, including multi-client data acquisition, data processing (GX Technologies), seabed and cable-less seismic imaging, and integrated seismic solutions. Prior to joining ION, Jim was General Manager of Exploration and Development Solutions for Landmark Graphics, a software solution subsidiary of Halliburton. He began his career exploring for oil and gas with Mobil Exploration and holds a BS in Geophysics from the University of California, Santa Barbara and an MS in Geophysics from the University of Utah.

Vice President, Sales and Operations

Mr. Williams joined Wireless Seismic as Director of Business Development in August of 2011. Prior to joining Wireless Seismic, he served as Vice President Sales for Guralp, a United Kingdom-based manufacturer of seismology instrumentation. Scott previously held positions as Regional Manager, United States and Latin America Sales for INOVA Geophysical and as Global Business Development Manager and Technical Sales Manager, Land Imaging Division for ION Geophysical. Scott has over 40 years experience in the seismic acquisition industry and began his career as a surveyor and observer on US land crews. In addition to his sales and marketing experience, Scott’s career also includes extensive experience in technical support and repair of seismic recording systems, customer service, remote service center management, and manufacturing management.

MSc Geophysics, BSc Elec Eng. Vice President New Technologies

Kevan has a 41 year career in the seismic industry worldwide. His diverse experience ranges from oil companies to service contractors to geophysical technical consulting. Kevan has worked in over 40 countries worldwide, including establishing company subsidiary offices in the USA, Middle East and North Africa. Kevan’s broad experience base encompasses land, marine and transition zone acquisition, with both surface and borehole seismic, both active and passive. He has been instrumental in bringing to market new technologies globally and adept at building, motivating and managing global project teams. His passion is making new technologies part of the main stream. Kevin’s role at WSI is to lead the development of new applications that take advantage of WSI’s real time technology.

Director of Finance and Accounting

Karima is the Director of Finance and Accounting at several Energy Venture portfolio companies including Wireless Seismic.  She is responsible for providing financial leadership to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the company.  In this capacity she ensures sound financial planning, financial statement integrity, compliance and best practices for the company. Karima’s experience includes Financial Planning and Analysis and various controllership roles at General Electric from 2008 – 2015.  Prior to joining General Electric, Karima did SEC reporting at Halliburton and led financial statement audits at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Karima is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Masters in Business Administration for Executives from Rice University, and a Bachelors in Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin.

Director of Business Development - Eastern Hemisphere

Vlad joined Wireless Seismic in 2013 and is responsible for business development in the Eastern Hemisphere.   Vlad has over 25 years experience in the seismic acquisition business, starting as an observer then moving to higher levels of responsibility in project management, technical, and client representation.  Vlad has vast worldwide experience on land, marine, and transition zone projects with companies such as Geokinetics, Global Geophysical, and Schlumberger.

Vlad is head of our representative office in the Eastern Hemisphere.



Chairman, Wireless Seismic, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer Wireless Seismic, Inc.