Wireless Seismic Launches RT System 2

RT System 2 – A RealTIME and CableFREE seismic data acquisition system – now scalable to high channel count configurations

Wireless Seismic, Inc. announced today the launch of RT System 2, a significantly upgraded version of the RT 1000 system that scales to 10,000+ channel configurations. RT System 2 delivers the flexibility and reduced operating costs inherent in cable-less systems along with the well-understood advantages of real-time cabled systems, including data security and data visibility. Seismic contractors no longer need to sacrifice real-time data return and risk compromising the quality and security of their data to get access to a high channel-count, cable-less system.

“The RT System 2 builds on the proven technology of the RT 1000 system,” states Mick Lambert, President and COO of Wireless Seismic. “During the more than two dozen deployments of the RT 1000 in the Americas and Europe over the last couple of years, many of our clients have told us how much they liked the functionality and ease of use of the RT 1000 system. The primary request from these clients has been for a version of the system that can scale to very large channel counts. The RT System 2 is our response to these requests.”

“In many ways, RT System 2 redefines seismic data acquisition choices for the E&P industry,” adds Roy Kligfield, CEO of Wireless Seismic. “This system is designed and engineered to overcome the limitations of the currently available seismic recording systems and to deliver a reliable, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for both conventional and unconventional seismic operations. RT System 2 will advance the way seismic data is acquired onshore – by taking advantage of highly efficient radio technologies, instead of bulky, heavy, unreliable cables and by overcoming the data QC, collection, transcription, and security limitations of ‘blind’ nodal systems.”

About Wireless Seismic
Wireless Seismic was formed in 2006 to develop and introduce a revolutionary seismic data acquisition system to the exploration and production industry, capitalizing on emerging technologies in the seismic, wireless and mesh-network industries. Today, Wireless Seismic provides the industry’s only fully scalable wireless seismic recording system with real-time seismic data acquisition.

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