Wireless Seismic Adds 3-Channel Capability to Product Line

RT System 2 – Provides fully cable-less solutions for traditional seismic operations and for hydraulic fracture monitoring applications

Wireless Seismic, Inc. today announced the addition of a 3-channel wireless remote unit (3C WRU) to its market-leading RT System 2 real-time wireless seismic data acquisition system.

The 3C WRU operates without cables and with ultra-low power consumption, in the same manner as Wireless Seismic’s 1-channel WRU. An extension to the company’s proprietary 2.4 GHz radio technology has been developed that will operate at inter-node distances of a kilometer or more. With this added capability, a large areal array of instruments will be able to deliver the continuous flow of passive seismic data to a central recording system in real time.

“This new 3C WRU, when combined with our proprietary wireless technology, delivers a multi-channel solution for continuous passive monitoring in the near-surface buried array market,” said Roy Kligfield, CEO of Wireless Seismic. “Moreover, this new 3C WRU will be deployable as a multi-component system for land seismic surveys in traditional markets.”

“This integrated solution represents an industry first,” added Mick Lambert, President & COO of Wireless Seismic. “With the combination of the 1C WRU and 3C WRU, the RT System 2 can be deployed with a mixture of surface arrays and near-surface buried arrays, at scale, all managed interactively from a single central control system. This solution will provide unique flexibility and operating efficiencies to our clients.”

Wireless Seismic will exhibit the RT System 2 at the annual conference of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 4-7.

About Wireless Seismic
Wireless Seismic, Inc., headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, designs and develops a revolutionary seismic data acquisition system that capitalizes on emerging technologies in the seismic, wireless, and mesh-network industries, providing the industry’s only fully scalable wireless seismic recording system with real-time seismic data acquisition.

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