Wireless Seismic, Inc., the leading innovator of real-time and cable-free seismic data acquisition systems for the oil and gas industry, announced today the sale and delivery of two RT2 real time and cable free seismic data acquisition systems to the Russian service company, LLC Udmurtneftegeophysica plans to use RT2 on various types of projects, mainly in all regions of Russia.

“The purchase of RT2 cableless real-time recording systems from Wireless Seismic, Inc. significantly increases the technical levels and capabilities of our company. The use of these systems will increase the productivity of our seismic crews when working in areas with mountainous relief or infrastructure facilities. And, of course, the availability of this type of equipment will allow our company to offer our customers solutions for Green Seismic technology. Green seismic technology is a new trend in the development of geological exploration work, which allows increased productivity in field work and to preserving forestry during seismic exploration,” said Vladimir Ivanov, CEO of Udmurtneftegeophysica. “We look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial and partnership with Wireless Seismic.”

“This sale to Udmurtneftegeophysica represents a further expansion of RT2’s reach into the Russian market,” said Jim Hollis, CEO, Wireless Seismic.  “We look forward to seeing Udmurtneftegeophysica expand their capabilities the Russian market using real time cable free RT2 systems and to further cooperation with Udmurtneftegeophysica in the near future. This deal with Udmurtneftegeofizika will increase RT2’s presence in the Russian market,”.

The increasing sales by Wireless Seismic in Russia gives our customers the opportunity to benefit from the full support of the Wireless Seismic service center and service engineers in Moscow. Our Russian service center has everything you need for warranty and post-warranty repairs, as well as a warehouse of spare parts and components for RT2.

About Wireless Seismic

Wireless Seismic, Inc. is revolutionizing onshore seismic data acquisition with RT2, the industry’s only fully scalable wireless seismic recording system with real-time data transmission. Headquartered in Stafford, Texas, with offices worldwide, the company’s recording systems enable contractors to efficiently tackle the most challenging projects by delivering commercially compelling solutions for conventional surveys and passive monitoring for hydraulic fracturing. For more information, go to

About Udmurtneftegeophysica

Service geophysical company LLC Udmurtneftegeofizika is one of the largest and dynamically developing geophysical companies in the Russian Federation. With the use of modern means, Udmurtneftegeofizika provides a high level of production in geophysical studies and oil field services.

Udmurtneftegeofizika currently provides a number of services:

  • seismic surveys (2D, 3D), including those based on “Green Seismic” technologies.

  • field geophysics (research in the “open hole” and monitoring for the development of vertical and horizontal wells.

  • geological and technological studies of wells utilizing monitoring over the internet;

  • perforating and blasting operations, including gentle perforation (drilling up to 2 meters) along with perforation using the Plug & Perf method.

  • vertical seismic profiling.

  • instrument manufacturing.

More complete information about the company can be obtained on the website