RT2 Technical Overview

CableFREE flexibility and RealTIME data collection:
A combination no other conventional or cableless system can offer.

The RT2 is a cable-free seismic system that is a drop-in replacement for a traditional cabled system.  Contractors can use familiar planning tools and can expect the same performance that they have been accustomed to, except, there is no need to contend with river and road crossings and the HSE exposure of a cabled system.  RT2 features expanded bandwidth that supports the deployment of the thousands of channels required by modern 3D surveys.

Wireless Remote Units (WRUs) placed at each station have a dual function: digitizing the geophone signals and relaying the data up the line to the backbone, just like a cabled system, but without the problems associated with cables.  Because the radios only need to communicate across the distance of one group interval, they can operate on modest battery power while supporting hundreds of channels in a line of geophones.  Small lithium-ion batteries operate the WRUs until they are due to be redeployed.  Seismic signal quality actually exceeds that of most cabled systems because the design uses the latest available semiconductors, and a proprietary self-test circuit guarantees that the units meet these rigorous specifications.  Test results, noise, battery capacity, geophone, and other tests are communicated back to the Central recording system.

The data is transmitted down the line, from WRU to WRU, until it reaches a Line Interface Unit (LIU).  The LIU converts the data into Ethernet packets and then sends the data back to the Central recording system over a high-speed wireless link or through an armored fiber-optic cable, as conditions warrant.

Best of all, and unlike other cableless seismic recording systems, the seismic data is delivered to the recording cabin immediately, in the familiar common-source format.  The recorded data is safe from theft or failure, and the client representative will be able to validate data quality and integrity in real time.  Shot records are immediately available in SEG-Y format for delivery to the customer, without delay.

The Central recording system features a familiar user interface, with spread map, real-time noise monitor, individual station status, and the seismic record.  The operators of RT2 will easily understand and interpret the displays. 

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