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The overall deployment resembles the common configuration of a cabled seismic system, minus the cables.  

The RT2 is comprised of the following components:

  • Wireless Remote Units (WRU)
  • Wireless infrastructure to transmit seismic data from the distributed modules to the central repository
  • A powerful backhaul system to ensure secure data transportation 
  • A central data management, display, storage and control system

WIRELESS REMOTE UNIT (WRU):  At the heart of the system is the compact Wireless Remote Unit, or WRU, which contains a high fidelity analog-to-digital converter, digital control circuitry and a two-way radio operating in the 2.4 GHz band. Each rechargeable battery-powered WRU digitizes the signals from external analog geophones.

LINE INTERFACE UNITS (LIU) and BACKHAUL SYSTEM:  Data is transmitted from WRU to WRU in series down the line, where it is collected by a Line Interface Unit (LIU). The LIU acts as the interface between the network of WRUs and the backhaul system. The LIU has an Ethernet port that can be connected directly to a computer, or more commonly, to an armored fiber optic cable or a backhaul radio.  Once the seismic data is converted into the Ethernet packets by an LIU, a high-bandwidth backhaul system is employed to transport these Ethernet packets back to the central recording unit in real time. 

The RT2 includes several highly portable options for the backhaul system, including a radio-based system that operates at high-capacity unlicensed frequencies, as well as an armored fiber optic capability.  Other technologies are also available, such as 3G/4G VPN units for urban and suburban deployments.  Multiple backhaul technologies can be utilized on the same seismic spread through very flexible "mix-and-match" combinations.

CENTRAL RECORDING SYSTEM:  A central recording system gathers data from the lines through the backhaul and is typically installed in the recording truck.  Because data is gathered in real time, the operator can see the familiar noise monitor and quickly verify system status and data quality. The RT2 can perform synchronous and asynchronous stacking and correlation, so it can be used with explosives, weight drops and vibroseis energy sources.  Every aspect of RT2 technology meets or exceeds the performance requirements for conventional cabled system, without the problems, expense and maintenance requirements associated with cabled systems.

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