Customer Training

Wireless Seismic has developed an unparalleled training program to ensure that customers are properly trained and supported so they can take full advantage of our state-of-the-art technology.

Personalized Custom Training

We offer comprehensive training to educate crew personnel on the features and capabilities of our system. Advanced training is available in the field as well as in a classroom setting, depending on our customer’s preference.  User-friendly reference materials are provided to support your knowledge. Additionally, our training team will carefully customize your training requirements to your needs, experience level, and use of the technology.

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Customer Training Portal

Creating a more knowledgeable workforce isn’t about providing more training—it’s about effective learning.  Wireless Seismic’s Training Portal changes the focus from training to learning.  Learning is optimized when:

  • Each learner’s personal knowledge gaps are identified and remediated to 100% proficiency
  • Redundant training is eliminated, improving the learning experience
  • All knowledge requirements and critical operating data are defined, organized, and addressed
  • Learning is enabled on the job, accessible anytime/anywhere

What is the Training Portal?

It is a common misconception that data is knowledge.  But for data to truly become knowledge, it must be converted first into information and then successfully transferred to a learner.  Wireless Seismic’s Online Training Program takes this process into account and has engineered an online training solution complete with simulators that put the student in a real-world scenario. Hands-on exercises reaffirm the student’s proficiency in the content.

OnlineTraining Portal Advantages

  • Measures learning
  • Is effective & efficient
  • Validates learning objectives
  • Certifies learner-specific knowledge

Why a Training Portal?

Wireless Seismic optimizes learning and provides continuous benefits and returns to customers.  With data and information increasing at an exponential rate, effective knowledge transfer is critical to success.

Our Training Portal is the solution for customers who:

  • Have less time and resources available for training
  • Need real-time access to information – anytime, anywhere
  • Manage a diverse, knowledge-based workforce
  • Face strict mandated and safety compliance requirements

Training Portal Highlights

  • Achieve 100% proficiency
  • Capture and retain the knowledge of experienced operators
  • Deliver personalized learning anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce training costs and time
  • Receive personalized reports automatically that detail student progress and proficiency
  • Students have access to live system online to perform hands on exercises

For details, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call +1 832-532-5048 (International)


Contact Support

Our support team is available to assist customers with technical issues and any questions at any time, 24/7.


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