Ideal for use with Hydraulic Fracturing

Image courtesy MicroSeismic, Inc.

Logistically Flexible with Real-Time Data Delivery RT2 technology is ideal for monitoring seismic energy released during hydraulic fracturing operations, providing the real-time data delivery of a cabled system with the logistical flexibility of wireless technology. Fracturing environments are crowded and their geometry is irregular, making the wireless RT2 the perfect system solution for these operations.

Sensors can be placed as needed and lines can cross roads, rails, rivers, and ponds without having to compromise the survey or inhibit the passage of frack-related vehicles. Because the system is wireless, the arrays can be wheel spoke or grid shaped with arbitrary distances between adjacent lines. The RT2 wireless seismic system eliminates the logistic problems of stringing cables in a congested environment, while removing the delays associated with conventional, autonomous recording systems.

Immediate Feedback – The RT2 conducts continuous recording without gaps in the data, enabling immediate processing and analysis by the engineers, geologists and geophysicists monitoring the fracturing results.

The central recording system is a Windows-based server that can be coupled to the Internet or other communications media for real-time delivery of seismic data to a remote analysis computer.

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