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After extensive test trials in China, SINOPEC impressed by RT System 2's ability to record data in real time without cables.

New world record set for number of seismic channels transmitted cable-free in real time

"We are very impressed with the reduced HSE exposure and other benefits that eliminating cables have delivered without compromising the data quality."  -Nigel Wilson,General Manager of Exploration, Oil Search

"The system has been rock solid and has been readily available for production every morning, as soon as the crew completes its daily start-up tests on the vibrators and other equipment."  -Rahul Talwar, CEO, ASIAN

"Adding the Hybrid Radio Telemetry capability to RT System 2 further automates and simplifies the operation of the radio network and enables a seismic crew to achieve uninterrupted data acquisition with a real-time recording system."  -Mick Lambert, President & CEO, Wireless Seismic, Inc.

"RT System 2 will enable a specific and efficient methodology for acquisition, and optimizing processing and interpretation using joint inversion algorithms.  It will give us a clear advantage because of its easy adaptability to the varied projects that we anticipate acquiring in the future."  -Jacek Slowinski, President, Geopartner

"RT System 2's effective scalability became very apparent as our crew deployed 13,000 cableless channels across this very challenging terrain."  -Rahul Talwar, CEO, ASIAN

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