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CALGARY, ALBERTA JULY 31, 2013 -- LoneStar Geophysical Canada, a sister company to the U.S.-based LoneStar Geophysical Surveys and a leading provider of onshore seismic data acquisition services in North America, announced today a strategic alliance with Wireless Seismic, Inc., headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas.  The alliance plans to help alleviate the increasing seismic acquisition backlog throughout the northern regions of Canada during the 2013-2014 winter seasons.

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"With the minimal of amount of equipment and rapid deployment, we are able to substantially reduce the complexity of acquiring permitting licenses, as well as decreasing permitting fees."  -Jim Bowser, General Manager, West Bay Geophysical

"Our field personnel can rapidly deploy recording units, maximize production, and obtain quality data in a fraction of the time when compared to the cabled systems we have used in the past."  -Rahul Talwar, CEO, ASIAN

RT System 2 -- RealTIME and CableFREE seismic data acquisition system -- scalable to high channel count configurations

"This new 3C WRU, when combined with our proprietary wireless technology, delivers a multi-channel solution for continuous passive monitoring in the near-surface buried array market."  -Roy Kligfield, CEO, Wireless Seismic

"The deployment of this cable-less acquisition system will further drive operational excellence for our customers, particularly when employing real-time operations."  -Terry Jbeili, COO, MicroSeismic, Inc.

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