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Jennie Stell chats with Mick Lambert, president and CEO of Wireless Seismic, Inc., for about his career, the future of seismic innovation, and surviving the current downturn.

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A wireless seismic system offers a more efficient way to acquire data in challenging terrain.  The system proved its capabilities on a record-breaking survey in Iraqi Kurdistan, facilitating seismic acquisition, despite a regional earthquake and armed conflict between the Kurds and ISIS.

EAGE 2015 Madrid Edition, May 2015 

- RT System 2 features new Hybrid Radio Telemetry. 
- RT System 2 integrates with SourceLinkTM for High Productivity Vibroseis management support.
- Oil Search Limited concludes seismic acquisition survey in Kurdistan using RT System 2.  
- Taking a walk on the wild side:  A Nature-Loving Doodlebugger's Perspective.  

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Wireless Seismic, Inc. returns to Kurdistan and sets more world records for cable-free and real-time seismic recording.

Reprint from Hart Energy's E&P Daily News (SEG 2014 Annual Meeting on October 29, 2014) 

RT System 2 is now available with a robust Hybrid Radio Telemetry system that delivers uninterrupted seismic crew productivity, even if radio connectivity on the spread is partially lost

Reprint from Hart Energy's E&P Daily News (SEG 2014 Annual Meeting on October 27, 2014) 

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