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RT System 2 is now available with a robust Hybrid Radio Telemetry system that delivers uninterrupted seismic crew productivity, even if radio connectivity on the spread is partially lost

Reprint from Hart Energy's E&P Daily News (SEG 2014 Annual Meeting on October 27, 2014) 

Sugar Land company says its devices simplify the process of collecting data about what exactly is underground and speed it up as well

From the Business Section of The Houston Chronicle, Volume 114, No. 8, October 21, 2014.

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Over the past three decades, the oil and gas industry has experienced a major technological leap in the effectiveness of geophysics, exploration, and production operations.  Advancements in seismic data acquisition have led to a huge increase in exploration and production efficiency, and as seismic technology improves, data acquisition will continue to become more advanced, accurate and reliable, resulting in higher production and meeting the global energy demand for decades to come.

Reprint from The American Oil & Gas Reporter Volume 57 No. 8, July 2014.

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The "green" seismic survey performance project used the wireless seismic data acquisition system, RT System 2.  The absence of cable made it possible to minimize the cutting of access corridors through the forest for the laying of cable that typify geological exploration using traditional cable-based technology.

From Gazprom Neft website (May 29, 2014)

Doug Crice explains the design details of a cable-free seismic acquisition system that retrieves data in real time and demonstrates its effectiveness on a recent survey in Kurdistan using 7500 channels -- believed to be a world record for real-time wireless data acquisition.

Reprint from First Break volume 32, January 2014.

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A real-time and cable-free seismic data acquisition system was tested in the heavy brush and piney woods of the Sam Houston National Forest.  Continuous data were acquired at different station spacing with no lost samples.

Reprint from Hart Energy's E&P Daily News (SEG 2013 Annual Meeting on September 25, 2013) 

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