Simple, safer, cost-effective deployment

As a drop-in replacement for a conventional cabled system, RT2 will lower costs and risks of virtually any seismic survey.  Crews can work efficiently and easily through agricultural fields with minimal crop damage, operate across wetlands, and traverse environmentally sensitive areas, including non-permitted zones.

  • Flexibility to deploy across roads, rivers, no-permit zones, and other demanding terrains
  • Higher productivity with no downtime for cable repairs
  • Reduced crew and transportation costs
  • Small footprint
  • Improved safety and reduced risk of injury
  • Scales to tens of thousands of channels
  • Small, lightweight acquisition units and structured backhaul architecture can handle large 2D or 3D surveys.

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Advantages that matter most

RealTIME — See all of your data, all of the time.
CableFREE — Simple, safer, cost-effective deployments.
UserFRIENDLY — Compact, rugged units designed for quick deployment.
BatteryLIFE — Light-weight, lithium-ion batteries proven to last 25+ days (assuming a 12-hour workday), even in the harshest weather conditions.
ScaleABILITY — Scales to tens of thousands of channels for large-scale 2D or 3D surveys.
DataVISIBILITY — Live data transmission enables real-time QC monitoring and eliminates blind shooting and data loss.
HSEADVANTAGED — Less weight, fewer personnel and vehicles result in reduced exposure hours and minimal environmental impact.
DataSECURITY — Highly efficient hybrid radio technologies enable instantaneous data QC, collection, transcription, and overall data security.


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