Wireless Seismic is proud to be recognized for its innovation and its technical advancement of onshore seismic acquisition. Core to our success is having a personal and uncompromising focus on providing value to our customers.

PARTNER: Our team embodies an uncompromising desire to create trusted partnerships with each customer. We strive for communication that is honest, purposeful and dependable. Much of our technology success is due to the constant dialog and feedback we initiated with clients. We pride ourselves in listening and helping to create solutions that provide value to our customers. Most significantly, we strive to treat our customers and their needs with respect and act responsibly and ethically to ultimately achieve our collective goals.

TEAMMATE: Our team is at the heart of what we do, and their safety and well being is priority. Cultivating an environment where we maximize our collective talents is essential to a productive and enjoyable work experience. We recognize that teamwork, collaboration and cooperation are fundamental in realizing our vision, and every one of us has a stake in this business.

Mick Lambert
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lambert joined Wireless Seismic in December 2010 as Chief Operating Officer and was appointed President and CEO in August 2014. Previously, he served as President for Ikon Science Americas Inc. and spent 16 years in leadership roles at GX Technology Corporation (GXT), with the last 10 years in the role of President and CEO.  During his tenure at GXT, Mick help build the company into a top-tier provider of advanced subsurface imaging services and basin-scale, multi-client, seismic surveys. Mick's seismic experience before GXT included nine years with Seiscom Delta and four years with CogniSeis Development.


A. Keith Elder
Vice President of Product Development

Mr. Elder joined Wireless Seismic in 2007 after working for Input/Output, Inc. for 18 years. He provided technical leadership in the development of several of Input/Output's cable and wireless systems. Mr. Elder's early seismic career was spent in field service and management for several geophysical contractors. He holds numerous patents related to the application of seismic instrumentation and is a graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Electronic Engineering Technology.

Steve Kooper
Vice President Engineering

Mr. Kooper has been in the seismic instrumentation sector for over 22 years. His experiences include worldwide technical support, development, and engineering management of several land-based seismic systems. He joined Wireless Seismic in 2008 after 18 years at Input/Output Inc. Steve applies his extensive practical and technical experience to Wireless Seismic’s RT system offering. He has been awarded several seismic instrumentation patents and is a graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Electronics Engineering.

 Scott Williams
Vice President Global Sales

Mr. Williams joined Wireless Seismic as Director of Business Development in August of 2011. Prior to joining Wireless Seismic, he served as Vice President Sales for Guralp, a United Kingdom-based equipment manufacturer. Mr. Williams previously held positions as Regional Manager, United States and Latin America Sales, for INOVA Geophysical and as Global Business Development Manager and Technical Sales Manager, Land Imaging Division, for ION Geophysical. Mr. Williams began his career as a surveyor and seismic observer.

Travis Ohnesorge
Vice President, Customer Services

Mr. Ohnesorge joined Wireless Seismic in May 2012. He has comprehensive knowledge in the digital and radio communications and seismic equipment fields, as well as extensive experience in training and support. Prior to joining Wireless Seismic, Mr. Ohnesorge worked as a field service engineer for ION Geophysical. He previously held positions as an observer for Global Geophysical and as a systems integrator for X-Net Systems, Inc.

Doug Crice
Founder and Consultant

As an original founder of the Company, Doug conceived the need for a real-time wireless seismic acquisition system.  His early efforts with co-founder, Mihai Beffa, were instrumental in proving that the wireless approach to the transport of seismic data was feasible, and they spent considerable time and effort in developing the proof of concept before joining Roy Kligfield in a more structured organization.  Previously, Doug was the marketing vice president at Geometrics, which had acquired his earlier seismic company, Nimbus Instruments.  Doug is well known for his expertise in instrument design, and in recognition of this expertise, he received the Hal Mooney Award from the Society of Exploration Geophysics. He remains a consultant and an advisor at Wireless Seismic, Inc.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University and participated in the MBA program at the University of Santa Clara.

Vlad Kuzmichev
Director of Business Development, Russia and FSU/CIS

Based in Moscow, Vlad Kuzmichev joined Wireless Seismic, Inc. in 2013 and is responsible for business development in Russia and the former Soviet Union.  He has over 20 years of experience in seismic operations and acquisition, starting from observer and advancing to project manager and technical director positions.  Vlad brings extensive experience of land, marine, and transition zone projects worldwide to Wireless Seismic from his time working for Russian companies, GeoGlobAll and PetroAlliance, and for U.S.-based companies, Geokinetics and Global Geophysical.


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